Michael Gonta is an occasional designer,¬†comic writer and reluctant artist. He often mistakenly starts telling people that he really got into comics in university, completely forgetting about the early childhood spent reading his dad’s Dan Dare collection, Tintin, Asterix and the Fleetway Thunderbirds magazine, not to mention Sonic the Comic (from whom he once won a cuddly Sonic the Hedgehog). He worships at the altar of Alan Moore and wishes Jonathan Hickman would draw his own comics more often. He lives in London, England and needs to cut down his caffeine intake.

The above photo was taken at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2010. Mike was so drunk at the time this was taken that in his alcohol-addled warped perception of reality he probably was seeing things in the same manner as this photoshopped alteration, everything in greyscale except for his life-affirming burst of personal colour. It was a fun day.