Keep On Going #3: Terminus

Posted on July 31st, 2015


The third and final issue of Keep On Going is now available to download from the website, bringing to a conclusion this tale of the Cult of Keep Going.


Things are not going so great for the Cult of Keep Going. Between the continual walking and the ongoing onslaught of media coverage, a war of attrition is starting to take its toll on the members, and especially on Mick. Do the group want to trust a man breaking down in front of them?


With the final destination seemingly approaching, who will make it to the end to finally see something cool? And what will await those intrepid explorers who followed Mick to the end of the journey?


This issue took quite a while as I hit my own personal wall towards the end (especially with the colouring for some reason) but I managed to make it to my own personal finish line, and now you can all join me there.

You can directly download the PDF version here and the CBR version here. Alternatively, you can go to the Keep On Going page where there are download links for all of the issues. Thanks for reading!