Keep On Going #2: Speed Bumps

Posted on December 30th, 2014


Issue 2 of Keep On Going is now ready to download from this website, continuing the story of Mickey Move and the Cult of Keep Going.


It turns out that attracting a cult following brings with it a glare of publicity. And with that comes a differing viewpoint. Some people don’t particularly agree with Mick’s ongoing journey, and want it to stop, and they are willing to go to some lengths to achieve their aim. Dangerous lengths. Lethal lengths.


With added external pressures, certain members of the group start to question everything that they’ve assumed about the expedition, and they don’t like the answers that they come across. But it seems that leaving the group is harder than getting in to it, unless you want to take the bad way out…


A warning: a fair bit of death in this issue.

You can go to the Keep On Going page to download the 1st issue now. Alternatively, you can directly download the PDF version here and the CBR version here.