Rotting Teeth

Posted on October 30th, 2014

I’ve been thinking about my sugar intake a lot lately. There’s been a whole wave of thinking that sugar’s the really bad thing for the human body, and ever since I had my crown put in I’ve been trying to reduce the chances of getting another one. But you know when’s a really bad time to try and cut down your sugar intake? In the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Seriously, every supermarket has industrial sized bags of sweets and chocolate on special offer right now. I’ve just discovered that Iceland sell Drumstick Squashies for £1 a bag (a steal). I’ve discovered these really nice tiny chocolate bars that Lidl sell (Mr Choc, I think?). I went on a rampage with Maoam Stripes a few weeks back to the actual point where my teeth started hurting. It’s a miracle that I haven’t been gorging on Percy Pigs lately, or Waitrose Jelly Babies (vastly superior to the originals).

What also hasn’t helped is recurring injuries stopping me getting my workout on. I’ve found that when I’m regularly exercising, I’m actually pretty disciplined about eating properly. When I’m not, though? I just become a disgusting gluttonous mess, who thinks nothing of inhaling chocolate eclairs. Leading a more sedate lifestyle is probably when I should be more careful with the white stuff, right?

I’d actually lost a fair bit of weight when the crown was put in, as I cut out sugar whilst waiting for it to be made (and a lot of solid food, to be honest), but this pagan tribute to sugar has made it a little difficult to cut it out. It’s hard to take something in moderation when it’s been shoved in your face at every opportunity.