Keep On Going #1: Destination Unknown

Posted on July 21st, 2014


Did I say definitely two weeks? How arrogant of me. Still, at last, the new series that I have been working on is available to download from this website.

Mickey Move is a guy who’s on a mission. He’s trying to get to somewhere important. A lot of people want to go with him. The thing is that no one knows where he’s heading, or why he has such a large devoted following, or what he’s running from. A journalist is trying to find out about his mysterious ways, but he’s not exactly forthcoming.


This is a less overtly dark series than Wounded, but it can get a little heavy at times. I’ve also changed up the art style somewhat. It’s also a surprising change having to draw buildings instead of trees. A lot more characters to draw too. It’s all a quite different process compared with before, but I’m pleased with the results.


You can go to the Keep On Going page to download the 1st issue now. Alternatively, you can directly download the PDF version here and the CBR version here.